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Sandstone Tiles Supplier in Cape Town and Johannesburg

As its name suggest, Sandstone is formed from countless compressed grains of sand, minerals and earth. Sandstone is attracting a lot of interest as a flooring material because it looks good, comes in many colours and it’s easier to clean and maintained and cheaper than limestone, Its fellow sedimentary rock.  The proportion of the minerals, such as quartz, mica, feldspar, clay and iron oxide, determines the structure and colour of the stone.
Sandstone Tiles comes in two popular finishes, which is Hond or Natural. Natural finish sandstones are used for outside areas such as around the swimming pool or patio as it is a non-slippery finish.  Hond Sandstone Tiles could be used for interior and exterior areas.
Travertine Tiles are used for walls and floors and comes in different coloures and textures such as Hond & Filled, Brushed, Tumbled and Polished. Most popular colours are Classic, Exclusive and Cappuccino